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Children's Life Insurance

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$1* BUYS $30,000

Whole Life Insurance for Children

Take the first step towards a financial head start for your child or grandchild Your child’s policy builds cash value for the future.

Benefits never canceled or reduced Once approved, your benefits will never be reduced or canceled regardless of changes in age, health or occupation as long as the premiums are paid on time.

Rates are guaranteed to stay the same for life The monthly rate is based on your children’s or grandchildren’s present age and is guaranteed to stay the same for the rest of their life.

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Term Life Insurance for Adults

Buy direct from the comfort of your home! It’s easy to buy. Online application can be completed in minutes. There is no medical exam—just a simple application.

Peace of mind for you and your family Feel secure knowing that money will be there for credit card bills, home and car loans, children’s and grandchildren’s future education and even your medical and final burial expenses.

Life insurance that fits your budget Choose the right coverage amount to fit your monthly expenses.

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Globe Life is rated A (Excellent)** by A.M. Best Company based on their latest analysis of Globe Life's financial strength, management skills and integrity.
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Whole Life Insurance for Children

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life is one of the most common types of life insurance, and like other types of life insurance, it provides financial protection in the event of the insured’s death. The purpose of whole life insurance is to provide permanent coverage, so these polices can last for the life of the insured as long as premium payments are made.

Whole life policies are different from term life polices in several ways. Two of the key benefits of a whole life insurance policy are that the death benefits are guaranteed and these policies build a cash value over time, which can be borrowed against or withdrawn by the policyholder. Also, whole life insurance premiums do not change for the life of the policy, but they are typically higher than term life premiums for most policyholders.

Children's Whole Life Insurance: Financial Benefits

By purchasing a whole life policy as an investment, you are purchasing a valuable gift for your child or grandchild.        

By purchasing a whole life policy as an investment, you are purchasing a valuable gift for your child or grandchild. By sparking the interest and awareness of accruing money, a whole life policy can become a vehicle for teaching young children about the importance of financial responsibility. For example, a whole life insurance policy can help children to learn about the terminology of finances such as tax-deferred savings, as benefits are paid free of federal income tax. There are additional advantages that older children will gain by being the beneficiaries of children’s whole life insurance policies. For example, they may decide they could use the policy proceeds to help defray some of their future educational expenses or even to pay future policy premiums.

Financial benefits of Children's Whole Life Insurance

The purchase of an affordable children’s whole life insurance policy is worth considering as a gift idea for a new baby. First of all, when a child is very young, the premiums are very inexpensive. If the unthinkable occurs, and the child experiences any type of serious illness, the coverage will already be in place. Moreover, their benefits will never be reduced or canceled regardless of changes in age, health or occupation as long as the premiums are paid on time. Therefore, the gift you are giving your loved ones, while they are still too young to understand, will eventually become a gift of protection for their own families. In this way, insured young adults will realize tangible emotional and financial benefits.

Memorable Gift

A gift like this will never become obsolete, discarded or given to strangers, along with all the outgrown clothes and toys. As your children or grandchildren mature, they will gain the understanding that when you purchased a children’s whole life insurance policy for their benefit, you were demonstrating deep care and concern for their future welfare.

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Permanent Life Insurance

Rates and benefits never change