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$1* BUYS $100,000

Term Life Insurance for Adults

Buy direct from the comfort of your home! It’s easy to buy. Online application can be completed in minutes. There is no medical exam—just a simple application.

Peace of mind for you and your family Feel secure knowing that money will be there for credit card bills, home and car loans, children’s and grandchildren’s future education and even your medical and final burial expenses.

Life insurance that fits your budget Choose the right coverage amount to fit your monthly expenses.

$1* BUYS $30,000

Whole Life Insurance for Children

Take the first step towards a financial head start for your child or grandchild Your child’s policy builds cash value for the future.

Benefits never canceled or reduced Once approved, your benefits will never be reduced or canceled regardless of changes in age, health or occupation as long as the premiums are paid on time.

Rates are guaranteed to stay the same for life The monthly rate is based on your children’s or grandchildren’s present age and is guaranteed to stay the same for the rest of their life.

Globe Life is rated A (Excellent)

Globe Life is rated A (Excellent)** by A.M. Best Company based on their latest analysis of Globe Life's financial strength, management skills and integrity.
(rating as of 8/23)

Life Insurance for Veterans

Life Insurance for Veterans

Military service members looking at life insurance options after they leave active duty may want to consider several factors including the amount of coverage they need as well as the cost of premiums before deciding. Converting the Servicemembers Group’s Life Insurance (SGLI) plan every active-duty service member has into a Veteran’s Group Life Insurance (VGLI) plan is one option, but timing is important. The conversion option is only available for up to 240 days following the last day of active duty without undergoing additional underwriting, and up to 485 days total.1

Veterans with pre-existing medical conditions sometimes find that converting their SGLI policy is the best option; however, for veterans who qualify for less expensive premiums or who want more coverage than the maximum allowed on a VGLI policy, private insurance is worth considering as well. Veterans also have the option to do both, convert the SGLI policy to VGLI and buy private life insurance, so they should carefully review which options will serve them best.

1. Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI), US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2019,

Things To Remember When Buying Life Insurance

When considering the purchase of life insurance it’s possible you may think you don’t need it until you’re older.        

When considering the purchase of life insurance it’s possible you may think you don’t need it until you’re older. Unfortunately, that can be a costly conclusion. Life Insurance rates are typically less expensive the younger you are. As you get older, you could develop an illness or disease, or a hazardous occupation that can make you uninsurable to most companies.

When people look for insurance, it’s easy to underestimate the amount it will cost to replace their income if something happens. Evaluating your financial needs helps to provide your family with the money they need to survive. Accurately count what you need by adding together the cost of a funeral, mortgage, credit card debt, income replacement and any other debt that you may have.

Life Insurance for Veterans: Globe Life - Buy Direct

Be sure when investigating life insurance policies, you compare prices as well as companies. Check the company’s financial stability by reviewing their rating with the Better Business Bureau and independent insurance analysts. Review what life insurance products they offer and what options they make available.

For your family to have the financial support they need, you must let the insurance company know your health history. Withholding your health history runs the risk of claim denials because you may not have been insurable had they known about your health history during the application process. However, many companies have policies that accept all kinds of people with varying health histories. The important thing is to tell the truth and look for the right company that fits your needs.

Once you get your policy, you’re not quite done. As time goes by, your needs may change. You may have accrued more debt, which means you may need to increase the amount of your life insurance policy. You might purchase a new home, have kids, have grandkids or lose employer-provided life insurance from a previous job. As your needs change, you need to consistently review your life insurance benefits.

There is also a common misconception about life insurance. Most think life insurance companies will only issue you one life insurance policy for the coverage you need. If you need more, you must increase that policy. While it is easier to have one policy with all the coverage you need, it is possible to have multiple policies, but you must pay the premiums on all the policies to keep them in force. You can also have life insurance from your employer, for example, and then get additional life insurance from another company to supplement your existing coverage.

Having multiple policies also allows you to have different types of life insurance policies, such as having a whole life insurance policy and a term life insurance policy. You may need both policies based on your current situation. A whole life policy can be good for your long-term needs or a term life policy can be beneficial for recent debt you may have accumulated like a new credit card, car loan or student loans. You can also get accidental death insurance to cover something unexpected that may happen.

You have options when it comes to affordability. When you need more coverage, you may consider taking out an additional policy instead of increasing your policy. Premium rates can fluctuate based on many factors. Depending on your circumstances, it might be less expensive to have a new life insurance policy rather than increasing your existing one. This still gives you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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